February 12

Day 43

Basic Reading: 

    The Children of Húrin: Chapter 2: The Battle of Unnumbered Tears
    *This chapter will be read over the course of two days, so read about half of it today.

Supplementary Reading:

  • Prior Versions:    

    • The War of the Jewels: Part One: The Grey Annals, Note 2: A further account of the Battle of Unnumbered Tears

Enrichment Activities:

  • Maps:  

    • Beleriand: Eithel Sirion, Ered Wethrin, Hithlum, Nargothrond, Dor-lómin, Brethil, Thangorodrim, Gondolin, Angband, Anfauglith, Dorthonion, River Sirion, Barad Eithel, Fen of Serech

  • Timeline: First Age 472

  • Other: Examine a map of your regional geography. Imagine a First Age-style battle taking place there; from where would the enemy attack? Identify possible strategic locations for strongholds and key areas of control.

Discussion Questions:

    1. How did Fingon demonstrate his gift for strategic thinking?
    2. Who might the Captain of Morgoth have been?
    3. Throughout this section, Tolkien uses fire as a metaphor for what?


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