February 20

Day 51

Basic Reading: 

    The Children of Húrin: Chapter 5: Túrin in Doriath
    *Read the third fourth of this chapter today.

Supplementary Reading:

  • Prior Versions:

    • The Shaping of Middle-Earth: Section VII. The Earliest Annals of Beleriand, Year 184 (including corresponding Commentary)

    • The Lays of Beleriand: I. The Lay of the Children of Húrin, I. Túrin’s Fostering, lines 413 - 558, including all Commentary on Part I.

    • The Lost Road: Part Two, Section III. The Later Annals of Beleriand, Year 284

    • The Lost Road: Part Two, Section VI. Quenta Silmarillion, Chapter 17: Of Túrin Turamarth or Túrin the Hapless

    • The War of the Jewels: Part One: The Grey Annals, YS 484 (including corresponding Commentary)

Enrichment Activities:

  • Maps:  

    • Beleriand: Menegroth, River Esgalduin, Doriath

  • Timeline: First Age 484

  • Other: Examine the maps drawn by Tolkien which appear in the center of The Shaping of Middle-Earth. They provide a good example of the types of difficulties Christopher Tolkien faced in rendering his father’s unfinished work for publication.

Discussion Questions:

    1. Was Túrin responsible for Saeros’ death? Why or why not?
    2. Should Túrin have waited for Thingol’s return and pardon?
    3. What is driving Túrin? What are his motivations?