February 24

Day 55

Basic Reading: 

    The Children of Húrin: Chapter 6: Túrin Among the Outlaws
    *Read the third fourth of this chapter today.

Supplementary Reading:

  • Background:

    • The War of the Jewels: Part Four, Quendi and Eldar, C. The Clan-names, with notes on other names for divisions of the Eldar.

    • The War of the Jewels: Part Three, II. AElfwine and Dírhaval

  • Prior Versions:

    • The Shaping of Middle-Earth: Section VII. The Earliest Annals of Beleriand, Year 187

    • The Lost Road: Part Two, Section III. The Later Annals of Beleriand, Year 287 (including corresponding Commentary)

    • The War of the Jewels: Part One: The Grey Annals, YS 487 (including corresponding Commentary)

Enrichment Activities:

  • Maps:  

    • Beleriand: Doriath, River Sirion, River Narog, South Road, Crossings of Teiglin, Nargothrond, Brithiach, Brethil, Guarded Plain, Angband

  • Timeline: First Age 488

Discussion Questions:

    1. Why did Túrin want to spy on the Orcs?
    2. Was Túrin responsible for the way his band treated Beleg?
    3. Why did Túrin cry when he recognized Beleg?