February 28

Day 59

Basic Reading: 

    The Children of Húrin: Chapter 7: Of Mîm the Dwarf
    *Read the third fourth of this chapter today.

Supplementary Reading:

  • Prior Versions:

    • Unfinished Tales: Part One, II. Narn I Hîn Húrin: Of Mîm the Dwarf (Read the third fourth of this chapter, corresponding to the basic reading for today.)

Enrichment Activities:

  • Maps:  

    • Beleriand: Amon Rûdh, River Sirion, River Narog, Doriath, Nargothrond

  • Timeline: First Age 488

  • Other: There is some speculation that “earth-bread” might be an ancient form of potato. Boil some white potatoes. If you had never tasted a potato before, would you find it a good substitute for bread?

Discussion Questions:

    1. What do you make of Mîm’s curse on Andróg, and Andróg’s on Mîm?
    2. Do you believe there was anything in Mîm’s sack other than the earth-bread?
    3. Will there be trouble between Ulrad and Mîm?