January 31

Day 31

Basic Reading:

    The Silmarillion: Quenta Silmarillion, Chapter 19: Of Beren and Lúthien
    *Read the second sixth of this chapter today.

Supplementary Reading:

  • Background:

    • The Lost Road: Part Two, Section V. The Lhammas, Lammasethen

    • The Book of Lost Tales 2: Preface

  • Prior Versions:

    • The Book of Lost Tales 2: I. The Tale of Tinúviel, Opening section 

    • Beren and Lúthien: “Beren and Lúthien:” The Quenta Noldorinwa

    • Beren and Lúthien: “Beren and Lúthien:” A Passage Extracted from the Quenta

    • The Lays of Beleriand: III. The Lay of Leithian, Canto IV (including corresponding commentary by C.S. Lewis in the Appendix, lines 760-1 and following)

    • The Lays of Beleriand: IV. The Lay of Leithian Recommenced, Canto III continued and Canto IV

    • The Lost Road: Part Two, Section VI. Quenta Silmarillion, Chapters 12 - 15: Of Beren and Tinúviel, prior versions corresponding to today’s reading from The Silmarillion.


Enrichment Activities:

  • Maps: 

    • Beleriand: Menegroth, Doriath, Angband, Twilight Meres, Fens of Sirion, Talath Dirnen, River Sirion, River Narog, Taur-en-Faroth, Nargothrond, River Ginglith

  • Timeline: First Age 464

  • Other: Look up the song of the nightingale. Find out why it is so special, and why Beren gives its name to Lúthien.

Discussion Questions:

    1. What are the barriers to Beren and Lúthien’s relationship?
    2. What was Thingol’s motive in demanding a Silmaril from Beren?
    3. What are Felagund’s motives for helping Beren?


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