July 8

Day 189

Basic Reading: 

    The Fellowship of the Ring: Prologue, 1. Concerning Hobbits

Supplementary Reading:

  • Background:

    • The Fellowship of the Ring: Note on the Text and Foreword(s)


Enrichment Activities:

  • Maps:  

    • Eriador: River Hoarwell, Bree, Chetwood, Fornost, River Baranduin, Far Downs, Great Bridge, Angmar, Grey Havens, Tower Hills

    • The Shire: Michel Delving, White Downs, The Marish, River Brandywine, Eastfarthing, Buckland, Westfarthing

    • Middle-earth: The Shire, River Anduin, Mirkwood, Misty Mountains, Eriador, Weathertop, Wilderland, Tharbad, Dunland, Rivendell, Ered Luin, Arnor Gondor, Belfalas, Lune

  • Timeline: Third Age 

  • Other: Watch the video, “How Did Hobbits Come to Be? Middle-earth Explained” on the YouTube channel “Men of the West.”

Discussion Questions:

    1. What might have caused the Hobbits to cross the mountains and settle the Shire?
    2. How might a Hobbit be effective in battle?
    3. Which traits of Hobbits do you most relate to?