July 9

Day 190

Basic Reading: 

    The Fellowship of the Ring: Prologue, 2. Concerning Pipe-weed and 3. Of the Ordering of the Shire

Supplementary Reading:

  • Background:

    • The History of The Hobbit, Part Two: Appendix IV: Tolkien’s Correspondence with Arthur Ransome              

Enrichment Activities:

  • Maps:  

    • Eriador: Bree, The Shire, The Greenway, Fornost

    • The Shire: Buckland, Southfarthing, Longbottom, Northfarthing, Eastfarthing, Westfarthing, Tookland, Westmarch, Michel Delving, White Downs

    • Middle-earth: River Anduin, Gondor

  • Character Cards: Meriadoc Brandybuck

  • Timeline: Third Age September 3001

  • Other: Look up images of Hobbit pipes. Compare them to Dwarf and Gondorian pipes.

Discussion Questions:

    1. Why did Tolkien include an entire section on Pipe-weed?
    2. What do you learn about Hobbits from the geography of the Shire?
    3. What can you deduce from the political system of the Hobbits?