March 12

Day 71

Basic Reading: 

    The Children of Húrin: Chapter 14: The Journey of Morwen and Niënor to Nargothrond
    *This chapter will be read over the course of three days, so read about one third of it today.

Supplementary Reading:

  • Prior Versions:

    • The Book of Lost Tales 2: II. Turambar and the Foalókë - Commentary section 3: Miscellaneous Matters, (v) Túrin’s age 

Enrichment Activities:

  • Maps:  

    • Beleriand: Nargothrond, Doriath, Region, River Sirion, Twilit Meres, Blue Mountains

  • Timeline: First Age 496

Discussion Questions:

    1. Should Thingol have forced Morwen to stay in Doriath?
    2. What do you learn of Niënor’s character from this introduction?
    3. What similarities and differences do you see between Niënor’s devotion to Morwen and the biblical story of Ruth?