May 6

Day 126

Basic Reading: 

    The Return of the King: Appendix A, Part I. The Númenorean Kings, (iv) Gondor and the Heirs of Anárion
    *This section will be read over the course of four days, so read about one fourth of it today.

Supplementary Reading:

  • Background:

    • The Return of the King: Appendix F, II. On Translation

    • The Peoples of Middle-Earth: Part One, Section II. The Appendix on Languages, On Translation

Enrichment Activities:

  • Maps:  

    • Middle-earth: Gondor, Barad-dûr, Mouths of Anduin, Umbar, Haradwaith, Harad, Mirkwood, River Greyflood, Sea of Rhûn, River Anduin, Mordor, Ered Lithui, Rhovanion, Emyn Muil, River Running, Calenardhon 

    • Rhovanion: River Celebrant, River Limlight

    • Gondor: Minas Anor, Osgiliath, Pelargir, River Harnen, Nen Hithoel, Osgiliath, Ithilien, Anórien,Lebennin, Crossings of Erui 

  • Timeline: Third Age 1 - 1447 

  • Other: Look up illustrations of the Argonath.

Discussion Questions:

    1. Why are late marriage and few children signs of decay in Gondor?
    2. Why was Mordor desolate at the height of Gondor’s power? Where was Sauron, and what was he doing?
    3. What caused the Kin-strife?